Concrete Worktops

Example of concrete worktops

Polished concrete worktops Beautifully bespoke, stunningly stylish

Versatile in style and ergonomics, natural, strong, and malleable, our custom-made polished concrete countertops come in a range of colours and finishes, from natural-stone tones and ground finishes exposing the stones within, to smooth whites, greys and charcoals, to softer, more contemporary concrete colours, dusky blues, browns and pinks, with glossy, smoothed-out surfaces.  

From family kitchens for parents with a fancy flair, to the tasteful counters of a young professional with a passion for cooking, our concrete kitchen worktop designs can work to any brief, transforming your cook space into a culinary environment, perfect for socialising, eating and spending good quality time. 

Our bespoke polished-concrete worktops

are made to order, and are guaranteed to fit and fill your space, whether it be small and cozy or expansive and grand. They are hygienic, practical, and durable as well as beautiful, and like many lovely things, if you look after them, they will last. After years of proper care, they will age and change with you, developing an attractive natural patina over time.

Not only are concrete countertops ideal for kitchen work surfaces,

but our concrete counters also sit beautifully as part of a bathroom interior. Reminiscent of rocky shores, just like natural stone, they fit in well with any watery environment. Whatever colour scheme or aesthetic you are trying to cultivate, our products can deliver a key aspect of that atmosphere, whether you want something awesome and monolithic, or subtle and understated. 

Countertops and surfaces are some of the most important parts of your space so why not make them personal as well as practical? Concrete can be poured into any shape you might require, so no matter how weird your corners are, our counters will be a perfect fit. Cool, clean and classy, every concrete worktop can be designed to order with integrated features such as kitchen and bathroom sinks, draining boards, and taps, avoiding the need for joints or risking mismatched sizes and styles.