Concrete plant pots

Example of plant pots

Concrete plant pots, polished concrete planters & other stylish concrete home decor items 

Concrete is one of the most versatile materials we have at our disposal. With the natural strength and beauty of stone working together with the fluidity and creative freedom that its moldability affords us, countless innovative products can be designed. 

Explore our attractive range of indoor and outdoor polished concrete planters and plant pots, which along with our other smaller home decor items, could add a subtle stylish statement to your home environment. 

Maybe you want to divide up your garden space with a large rectangular planter for a small hedge. Perhaps you can imagine the shiny green leaves of your favourite houseplants contrasting beautifully against the light grey-matte of a concrete pot. 

Whatever your plan, you can choose from a varied selection of sizes, textures, and forms, depending on your space, means, and aesthetic preferences. All our pots, planters and household items are hard-wearing and long-lasting, and will naturally patina with age.