Concrete sinks & basins

Example of concrete sinks

Polished concrete sinks and bathroom basins. Make a splash of a statement

Combining the aesthetic value and durability of natural substances with the quality and versatility of technology, we see polished concrete as nothing less than a material of opportunity. Completely water sealed and easy to maintain, our concrete can be poured, moulded and formed into an infinite spectrum of shapes and designs. With this diversity in mind, something in our range of ready-made sinks and basins is sure to fit your theme, whether you’re looking for something modern and minimalist, or artsy and rustic, we have shades, textures and styles to suit every need. 

Free-standing concrete basins are stylish, and can really make a statement in your bathroom or utility room. For example, an industrial looking, clean edged, black concrete Belfast sink would provide perfect contrast against a light coloured bathroom surface, or perhaps a pale-toned, round polished concrete basin could sit bright and moonlike against a dark countertop. 

An asymmetrical sloped concrete basin can provide balance and style to a small bathroom, while a large wide concrete sink can be a grounding feature in a large one. Solid and durable, our beautiful basins will last you for years with the proper care, and will naturally develop and age as you use them. 

For your kitchen, you might prefer the hygiene and seamless simplicity of a polished concrete countertop with a built-in concrete sink. 

Our polished concrete has the advantage of moldability, combined with a look and feel similar to natural stone. It pairs harmoniously with water just like stone does in nature on a beach, in a pebbled stream or under a waterfall. Surely, the substance they call “liquid rock” is the perfect material for a water vessel in your home to be made out of. 

If there really is nothing in our range that interests you, but you still love the idea of a polished concrete sink or basin, we provide, via our sister company Stonemade, made-to-order products, for a truly bespoke service.