Product aftercare

How to care for your concrete items.

Appliance installation

It is important to take care when installing other appliances into the cutouts in your concrete. If you install the sink, extractor or taps too roughly, this may cause the appearance of small imperfections and hairline cracks into the edges of the cut-out area. 

After Installation 

Please leave a window of 48 hours after the product has been installed to allow the glue to set and potentially to allow the wax and sealer to dry completely. The product will be slightly darker when installed than its final colour, as the concrete can take a few weeks to completely dry.

While the surfaces are still drying you must take special care as for the first 8 weeks they are particularly prone to damage. In order to avoid stains, you must not leave anything hot, wet, solvent, or acidic on the surfaces. 

Maintenance & Cleaning

The outer layer of the concrete product is sealed with a sealer and wax coat, in order to protect it from decay and staining. You should reapply the wax coat about once a month, depending on how heavy your use of the surface is.

The most important things to avoid are:

  • Never place hot pans directly on the concrete worktop always use a pot stand of some kind as heat from pans or hot utensils can damage and stain the concrete
  • Always use a chopping board. Never cut or chop straight onto the polished concrete surface; this will damage it. 
  • Heavy kitchen equipment can damage the edges of the concrete, so take care when handling big weighty appliances and pots and pans.
  • The seal applied on top of the polished concrete can be worn away by aggressive cleaning, so avoid steel scourers and harsh sponges; stick to soft sponges and cloths.
  • Harsh cleaning products, solvents and acids (including food acids) will also damage the seal.
  • If you spill such a substance, make sure to dry the surface immediately, then wipe the area with a damp cloth several times to remove any acidic residue, letting it dry between wipes. You might have to apply some extra wax to replace the lost layer.