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Concrete worktop (beach)

£ 600 

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Price £600 per square meter (m2) / 30mm thick

There is a 5% surcharge for each 10mm extra above the standard 30mm (for example a 100mm thick worktop, at 70mm thicker, incurs 35% surcharge and would cost £875 / m2)

Anything thicker than 40mm is not made as a solid piece, but includes a lip, so for example to achieve a 40mm effect we would make a 30mm worktop with a 10mm lip to make it look like 40mm from the outside. Please let us know if there is any over-hang required above 40mm as a we would need to re-quote.

Similarly, a 100mm worktop would in fact be a 30mm worktop with a 70mm lip.

This approach does not affect the performance of the worktop, and as it significantly reduces the weight by as much as 50%, so puts less load on the cabinets. The great majority of kitchen cabinets can thus take the weight of our concrete worktops without undue stress.


Sink cut out - £100
Hob cut out - £100
Tap hole - £30
Any other squared cut outs larger than 200x200
Any other circular cut outs - £40 (up to 150mm)

Delivery & installation

£2.50 per mile (standard charge of £300 up to 120 miles)

Template fee

£1.50 per mile (standard charge of £200 up to 120 miles)

Standard upstands 100mm tall, 20mm thick - £800 per m2

3-10 working days, depending on availability.

Please allow time for courier as well, so it may vary from 5-12 working days.

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