Concrete wall & floor panels

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Example of concrete panels

Polished concrete floor and wall panels. Transform the background of your home.

Polished concrete flooring is not only highly durable, easy to maintain, practical and water resistant, but also beautiful, modern and incredibly adaptable. Our highly polished panels can be fit to work in any space, whether a hall, kitchen, bathroom or studio. 

You can appreciate the natural-rock-like look of bare concrete tiled floor for a stylish, minimalist environment, or contrast the clean edges with a small soft carpet or a large ornate rug. 

Our polished concrete panels can also be used on walls for a similar effect, either as a statement piece individually, or together to surround and complete a space. 

Matte polished concrete makes a great background for hanging tapestries, posters and paintings, which will stand out more in your new space than they ever have before. 

We have a huge variety of products to choose from, including natural stony hues and rarer, more “out-there” colours, as well as options for different surface finishes and sizing.